Bird Feeders

Bird feeders are devices that provide seeds, nectar, or other food sources for wild birds.

Discover Bird Feeders

Bird feeders come in various shapes, sizes, and materials, and can attract different types of birds to your yard or garden. Some bird feeders are designed to be squirrel-proof, easy to clean, or suitable for specific seasons. Bird feeders can be a great way to enjoy the beauty and song of birds, as well as support their conservation. 🐦

Hummingbird feeder

A device that provides nectar for hummingbirds, usually with a bottle and a spout. Some have flowers or perches to attract the birds. Needs regular cleaning and refilling.

Smart Bird Feeders

A device that connects to Wi-Fi and streams video, captures photos and identifies birds using AI. Alerts the user when the feeder is empty or when a new bird arrives.

Window bird feeder

A device that attaches to a windowpane using suction cups or hooks, providing views of the birds from inside the house. Can have different shapes, sizes, and features.

Squirrel proof bird feeder

A device that prevents squirrels and other animals from accessing the bird food. Can use cages, baffles, domes, springs, or weight-activated shutters. Can also be placed on a pole or a wire.

Bird feeder pole

A vertical support that elevates a bird feeder, making it more visible and safe. Can be made of metal, wood, or plastic, and can have different heights and designs. Can also have hooks, branches, or platforms.

Small bird feeder

A device that caters to small birds, such as finches, chickadees, nuthatches, or sparrows. Can use specific seeds, such as thistle or sunflower, or specific feeders, such as cages, domes, or perches.