List of Birds

Birds are animals with feathers, wings, and beaks. They are related to dinosaurs, and they live in many places around the world. There are about 10,000 kinds of birds, from very small ones like hummingbirds to very big ones like ostriches.

Birds Have Special Features

Birds have special features that help them fly, such as light bones, strong muscles, and fast breathing. But some birds cannot fly or fly very well, like penguins, kiwis, and cassowaries. Birds are also good at making sounds, getting along with each other, and learning new things. Some birds, like parrots, crows, and ravens, can copy what humans say and use things like sticks or stones. Birds are important for nature because they help plants grow, spread seeds, eat other animals, and get eaten by other animals. They are also useful for people because they give us food, feathers, and eggs. And they are meaningful for people because they have different meanings in different cultures.

Mandarin Duck

This colorful duck has a red bill, a white crescent, purple breasts, and a green tail. It lives in East Asia and some parts of Europe and North America

Nicobar Pigeon

This iridescent pigeon has a grey head, a white tail, and a red crest. It lives on islands and coastal regions of India, Southeast Asia, and the Pacific.

Bluebird of Paradise

This stunning bird has a blue body, a black head, and long, curved tail feathers. It lives in the rainforests of New Guinea.

Scarlet Macaw

This large parrot has bright red, yellow, and blue feathers. It lives in the tropical forests of Central and South America.


This elegant bird has pink feathers, long legs, and a curved neck. It lives in wetlands and lakes of Africa, Asia, Europe, and the Americas

Blue Jay

This noisy bird has a blue back, a white chest, and a black collar. It lives in the woodlands and gardens of North America.

Victoria Crowned Pigeon

This royal bird has a blue-grey body, a red eye, and a white-tipped crest. It lives in the lowland forests of New Guinea.


This magnificent bird has a green and blue body, and a long tail with eye-like patterns. It lives in the forests and grasslands of India and Sri Lanka.


This small bird has a blue back, an orange belly, and a long, pointed bill. It lives near rivers and lakes of Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia.


This tiny bird has iridescent feathers, a long tongue, and a fast heartbeat. It lives in the gardens and forests of the Americas.


This colorful bird has a large, curved bill, a black body, and a yellow throat. It lives in the rainforests of Central and South America.

Bald Eagle

This majestic bird has a white head, a brown body, and a yellow beak. It lives in the mountains and coasts of North America.

Rainbow Lorikeet

This vibrant bird has a rainbow of colors on its feathers, a red beak, and a blue head. It lives in the forests and gardens of Australia and Oceania.

Atlantic Puffin

This cute bird has a black and white body, an orange bill, and orange feet. It lives on the cliffs and islands of the North Atlantic Ocean.

Snowy Owl

This beautiful bird has white feathers, yellow eyes, and a round head. It lives in the tundra and forests of the Arctic.

Golden Pheasant

This splendid bird has a golden crest, a red body, and a long, striped tail. It lives in the mountains and forests of China.

Painted Bunting

This dazzling bird has a blue head, a red chest, a green back, and a yellow belly. It lives in the grasslands and woodlands of North America.

Resplendent Quetzal

This mythical bird has a green body, a red chest, and a long, green tail. It lives in the cloud forests of Central America.

African Grey Parrot

This smart bird has a grey body, a red tail, and a black beak. It lives in the forests and savannas of Africa.


This graceful bird has white feathers, a long neck, and an orange bill. It lives in the lakes and rivers of Europe, Asia, and North America.

paradise tanager

This bird has a lime green head, blue belly, yellow-red back, and black body. It lives in the Amazon’s humid forests.