Australian Birds – The Common Birds Found in Australia

Common Birds Found in Australia
Common Birds Found in Australia

Australia is home to many amazing birds. From colorful parrots to giant emus, there are lots of cool birds to see across the country. Let’s learn about some of the most common birds you can find in Australia!


The Australian magpie is one of the most well-known birds in Australia. These black and white birds are found all over the country. Magpies have a beautiful song and are very smart. But watch out during spring – that’s when magpies may swoop to protect their nests!

Fun facts about magpies:

  • They can remember and recognize human faces
  • Magpies often live in the same area for their whole life
  • Baby magpies stay with their parents for up to 2 years


Cockatoos are big white parrots with yellow crests on their heads. The sulphur-crested cockatoo is common across eastern Australia. These noisy birds travel in large flocks. Cockatoos use their strong beaks to crack open nuts and seeds.

Types of cockatoos in Australia:

  • Sulphur-crested cockatoo
  • Galah (pink and grey cockatoo)
  • Black cockatoo


The laughing kookaburra is famous for its loud call that sounds like human laughter. These big kingfishers are found in woodlands and forests in eastern Australia. Kookaburras eat insects, small reptiles, and even baby birds.

Kookaburra facts:

  • Their “laugh” is used to mark their territory
  • They live in family groups
  • Kookaburras mate for life

Rainbow Lorikeets

Rainbow lorikeets are small, colorful parrots. As their name suggests, they have bright rainbow feathers. These pretty birds are found along Australia’s east coast. Rainbow lorikeets feed on nectar and pollen from flowers.

Colors of the rainbow lorikeet:

  • Blue head
  • Green wings
  • Orange chest
  • Red beak


The emu is a large flightless bird native to Australia. These big birds can grow up to 6.2 feet (1.9 m) tall! Emus are found across most of mainland Australia. They can run very fast and swim well too.

Emu facts:

  • Second largest bird in the world (after the ostrich)
  • Can sprint at speeds up to 31 mph (50 km/h)
  • Female emus lay the eggs, but male emus care for the chicks


Several types of ducks are common in Australia. The Pacific black duck can be found all across the country. Australian wood ducks are also widespread. These ducks live near wetlands, lakes, and ponds.

Common duck species in Australia:

  • Pacific black duck
  • Australian wood duck
  • Grey teal
  • Chestnut teal


The Australian white ibis is a large wading bird. These birds have a long, curved beak perfect for probing in the mud for food. White ibis are found in wetlands but have also adapted to urban areas. Some people call them “bin chickens” because they often dig through trash!

Ibis facts:

  • Can live over 20 years in the wild
  • Fly in a V formation when migrating
  • Have bare black skin on their head

Pigeons and Doves

Several types of pigeons and doves are found across Australia. The crested pigeon is common in many areas. These birds have a tall crest of feathers on their head. Crested pigeons make a whistling sound with their wings when they fly.

Pigeon and dove species in Australia:

  • Crested pigeon
  • Common bronzewing
  • Peaceful dove
  • Wonga pigeon


Honeyeaters are a family of birds found only in Australia and nearby islands. These birds feed on nectar from flowers. The noisy miner and red wattlebird are two common types of honeyeaters.

Facts about honeyeaters:

  • Have a brush-tipped tongue to collect nectar
  • Important pollinators for many Australian plants
  • Some can hover like hummingbirds


Fairy-wrens are tiny, colorful birds found across Australia. The superb fairy-wren is one of the most common types. Male fairy-wrens have bright blue feathers during breeding season. These social birds live in small family groups.

Fairy-wren facts:

  • One of the smallest birds in Australia
  • Females are mostly brown in color
  • Very active and always on the move

Black Swans

The black swan is a large waterbird found in wetlands across Australia. Unlike swans in other parts of the world, Australian swans are black with a red bill. Black swans mate for life and are often seen in pairs.

Black swan facts:

  • Can live over 40 years
  • Largest flying bird native to Australia
  • Cygnets (baby swans) are light grey in color


Galahs are a type of pink and grey cockatoo found all over Australia. These social birds often gather in large, noisy flocks. Galahs are also called “rose-breasted cockatoos” because of their pink chest feathers.

Galah facts:

  • Can mimic human speech
  • Live up to 70-80 years in captivity
  • Name comes from an Aboriginal word

Tawny Frogmouths

Tawny frogmouths are nocturnal birds found across Australia. During the day, they perch motionless on tree branches. Their feathers look just like tree bark, making them hard to spot. At night, frogmouths hunt for insects and small animals.

Frogmouth facts:

  • Not actually related to owls
  • Have a wide, frog-like mouth
  • Both parents care for the chicks


Australian pelicans are large waterbirds with a huge beak and throat pouch. These big birds are found near coastal and inland waters across Australia. Pelicans work together in groups to herd fish into shallow water.

Pelican facts:

  • Have the longest beak of any bird
  • Can hold up to 13 liters of water in their pouch
  • Often steal fish from other birds


Magpie-larks are black and white birds found all over Australia. They are also called “peewees” or “mudlarks.” These birds build mud nests and are often seen walking on the ground looking for insects to eat.

Magpie-lark facts:

  • Not actually related to magpies
  • Males and females sing together in a duet
  • Common in urban areas and farmland

Silver Gulls

Silver gulls are the most common type of seagull in Australia. These birds are found on beaches and near water across the country. Silver gulls will eat almost anything, including chips and other human food!

Silver gull facts:

  • Can drink both fresh and salt water
  • Often steal food from other birds
  • Breed in large, noisy colonies


Australia is home to many amazing birds. From the tiny fairy-wrens to the giant emus, there are all kinds of feathered friends to discover. Next time you’re outside, keep an eye out for some of these common Australian birds!

Here is a table summarizing some of the most common birds found in Australia:

BirdWhere to find themWhat they eat
Australian magpieAll over AustraliaInsects, worms, small animals
Sulphur-crested cockatooEastern AustraliaSeeds, nuts, fruits
Laughing kookaburraEastern AustraliaInsects, small reptiles, mice
Rainbow lorikeetEastern AustraliaNectar, pollen, fruit
EmuMainland AustraliaPlants, insects, small animals
Pacific black duckAll over AustraliaAquatic plants, insects
Australian white ibisWetlands and urban areasInsects, fish, human food scraps
Crested pigeonMost of AustraliaSeeds, leaves, insects
Noisy minerEastern and southern AustraliaNectar, insects, fruit
Superb fairy-wrenSouthern and eastern AustraliaInsects

Whether in the city or the bush, there are always interesting birds to see in Australia. Grab a pair of binoculars and see how many you can spot!

List of 100 Common Birds in Australia:

No.Bird SpeciesHabitatDiet
1Australian Brush-turkeyRainforests, coastal areasFruits, seeds, small invertebrates
2Australian Owlet-nightjarForests, woodlandsInsects, small invertebrates
3Azure KingfisherRivers, streams, wetlandsFish, crustaceans, insects
4Banded LapwingGrasslands, open countryInsects, seeds, small invertebrates
5Barn OwlGrasslands, woodlands, urban areasSmall mammals, birds, insects
6Barking OwlForests, woodlandsSmall mammals, birds, insects
7BrolgaWetlands, grasslandsAquatic plants, insects, small vertebrates
8Brown HoneyeaterForests, woodlands, gardensNectar, insects, fruits
9Buff-banded RailWetlands, grasslandsInsects, small invertebrates, seeds
10Bush Stone-curlewWoodlands, grasslandsInsects, small vertebrates, seeds
11Cape Barren GooseCoastal areas, islandsGrass, herbs, seeds
12Caspian TernCoastal areas, inland waterwaysFish, crustaceans, insects
13Chestnut-crowned BabblerWoodlands, scrublandsInsects, small invertebrates, seeds
14Collared SparrowhawkForests, woodlands, urban areasSmall birds, mammals, insects
15Common GreenshankWetlands, coastal areasInsects, small fish, crustaceans
16Crested BellbirdWoodlands, shrublandsInsects, small invertebrates, seeds
17Crested TernCoastal areas, islandsFish, squid, crustaceans
18Diamond FiretailGrasslands, woodlandsSeeds, insects, small invertebrates
19DollarbirdForests, woodlandsInsects, small invertebrates
20Double-barred FinchGrasslands, woodlands, gardensSeeds, insects, small invertebrates
21Eastern Barn OwlGrasslands, woodlands, urban areasSmall mammals, birds, insects
22Eastern KoelForests, woodlands, urban areasFruits, insects, small vertebrates
23Eastern RosellaOpen forests, woodlands, gardensSeeds, fruits, nectar
24Eurasian CootWetlands, rivers, lakesAquatic plants, insects, small fish
25Fairy TernCoastal areas, islandsFish, crustaceans, insects
26Forest KingfisherForests, woodlandsInsects, small vertebrates, fish
27Freckled DuckWetlands, rivers, lakesAquatic plants, insects, small fish
28Gouldian FinchGrasslands, woodlandsSeeds, insects, small invertebrates
29Great BowerbirdWoodlands, savannasFruits, insects, small vertebrates
30Green CatbirdRainforests, dense undergrowthFruits, insects, small vertebrates
31Grey GoshawkForests, woodlandsBirds, small mammals, reptiles
32Grey-crowned BabblerWoodlands, grasslandsInsects, small invertebrates, seeds
33Gull-billed TernCoastal areas, wetlandsInsects, small fish, crustaceans
34Hooded RobinWoodlands, open forestsInsects, small invertebrates, seeds
35House SparrowUrban areas, farmlandsSeeds, grains, insects
36Jacky WinterOpen forests, woodlands, gardensInsects, small invertebrates
37Kelp GullCoastal areas, islandsFish, crustaceans, human scraps
38Latham’s SnipeWetlands, grasslandsInsects, small invertebrates, seeds
39Little ButtonquailGrasslands, scrublandsSeeds, insects, small invertebrates
40Little CorellaGrasslands, woodlands, urban areasSeeds, grains, fruits
41Little LorikeetForests, woodlands, gardensNectar, pollen, fruits, seeds
42Little RavenUrban areas, forests, woodlandsInsects, small animals, fruits, carrion
43Long-billed CorellaGrasslands, woodlands, farmlandsSeeds, grains, fruits
44Macquarie Island ShagCoastal areas, islandsFish, crustaceans, small invertebrates
45Mallee Emu-wrenMallee scrublands, heathlandsInsects, small invertebrates, seeds
46Masked LapwingWetlands, grasslands, urban areasInsects, worms, small invertebrates
47MistletoebirdForests, woodlands, gardensMistletoe berries, insects
48Musk DuckWetlands, rivers, lakesAquatic plants, insects, small fish
49Nankeen Night HeronWetlands, rivers, lakesFish, amphibians, insects
50Olive-backed OrioleForests, woodlands, gardensFruits, insects, small vertebrates
51Orange-bellied ParrotCoastal areas, grasslandsSeeds, fruits, small invertebrates
52Pacific GullCoastal areas, islandsFish, crustaceans, human scraps
53Peaceful DoveGrasslands, woodlands, gardensSeeds, grains, small insects
54Peregrine FalconOpen country, cliffs, urban areasBirds, small mammals, insects
55Pink-eared DuckWetlands, rivers, lakesAquatic plants, insects, small fish
56Plumed Whistling DuckWetlands, grasslandsGrass, herbs, seeds
57Red-necked StintCoastal areas, mudflatsInsects, small invertebrates, seeds
58Regent BowerbirdRainforests, dense undergrowthFruits, insects, small vertebrates
59Restless FlycatcherWoodlands, open forestsInsects, small invertebrates
60Rock ParrotCoastal areas, islandsSeeds, fruits, small invertebrates
61Royal SpoonbillWetlands, rivers, lakesFish, crustaceans, small invertebrates
62Rufous FantailRainforests, dense undergrowthInsects, small invertebrates
63Rufous SonglarkGrasslands, woodlandsInsects, small invertebrates
64Sacred KingfisherForests, woodlands, wetlandsInsects, small vertebrates, fish
65Sandstone Shrike-thrushRocky outcrops, woodlandsInsects, small invertebrates, seeds
66Sharp-tailed SandpiperCoastal areas, mudflatsInsects, small invertebrates, seeds
67Short-tailed ShearwaterCoastal areas, islandsFish, squid, crustaceans
68SilvereyeForests, woodlands, gardensFruits, insects, nectar
69Southern BoobookForests, woodlands, urban areasSmall mammals, birds, insects
70Speckled WarblerWoodlands, grasslandsInsects, small invertebrates, seeds
71Splendid FairywrenWoodlands, gardens, parksInsects, small invertebrates
72Square-tailed KiteWoodlands, forestsSmall birds, insects, small mammals
73Striated PardaloteForests, woodlands, gardensInsects, small invertebrates, nectar
74Superb LyrebirdRainforests, dense undergrowthInsects, small vertebrates, seeds
75Swift ParrotForests, woodlandsNectar, insects, seeds
76Tawny GrassbirdGrasslands, wetlandsInsects, small invertebrates
77Tree MartinWoodlands, grasslands, urban areasInsects, small invertebrates
78Variegated FairywrenWoodlands, gardens, parksInsects, small invertebrates
79Varied SittellaForests, woodlandsInsects, small invertebrates
80Wandering Whistling DuckWetlands, rivers, lakesGrass, herbs, seeds
81WeebillForests, woodlandsInsects, small invertebrates
82Western GerygoneForests, woodlandsInsects, small invertebrates
83White-fronted ChatGrasslands, wetlands, coastal areasInsects, small invertebrates
84White-throated GerygoneForests, woodlands, gardensInsects, small invertebrates
85Wonga PigeonForests, woodlandsSeeds, fruits, small invertebrates
86Wood SandpiperWetlands, rivers, lakesInsects, small invertebrates, seeds
87Yellow ThornbillForests, woodlands, gardensInsects, small invertebrates
88Yellow-billed SpoonbillWetlands, rivers, lakesFish, crustaceans, small invertebrates
89Yellow-faced HoneyeaterForests, woodlands, gardensNectar, insects, fruits
90Zebra FinchGrasslands, woodlandsSeeds, insects, small invertebrates
91Zitting CisticolaGrasslands, wetlandsInsects, small invertebrates
92Scarlet RobinForests, woodlands, gardensInsects, small invertebrates
93Rose RobinForests, woodlandsInsects, small invertebrates
94Eastern OspreyCoastal areas, riversFish, small mammals, birds
95Spotted HarrierGrasslands, open woodlandsSmall mammals, birds, reptiles
96Wedge-tailed EagleOpen country, forests, mountainsSmall mammals, birds, carrion
97Black-faced CormorantCoastal areas, islandsFish, crustaceans, small invertebrates
98Australasian ShovelerWetlands, rivers, lakesAquatic plants, insects, small fish
99Royal AlbatrossCoastal waters, islandsFish, squid, crustaceans
100Spiny-cheeked HoneyeaterWoodlands, shrublandsNectar, fruits, insects
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